LOKAL Hotel & Restaurant
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LOKAL Hotel is an exciting bijou hotel in Yogyakarta with 12-rooms available and a restaurant that seats 80 people, available to hotel guests and outside visitors. The hotel only uses environmental-friendly products from local suppliers for their furniture, dining ceramics, food ingredients, to linen.





The LOKAL Restaurant is just next door to the hotel. We love their ‘wood-on-concrete’ décor with splash of vibrant painting on the wall. Their furniture, as the rest of the hotel, uses wood. The stylish restaurant smoking room is a room of art of its own; the seat and table made of concrete, their signature artwork at the end of the room, wooden lamps, a bit of greens, and sunroof.




They open 6.30am and serve breakfast to hotel guests, and are crowded with local youngsters as well as foreign tourists (that starts to pour in in the afternoon). The afternoon is the right time to be sitting in the restaurant’s outdoor area. It’s also available for private function by reservations.





Favorite and recommended menus are Grilled Chicken with Garlic Butter that comes with a side of diced potatoes and batter-fried onion rings, and their Nasi Goreng Roa. For dessert you can try their customer-favorite Affogato also their Baked Alaska. For those of those with a case of the munchies we suggest you order their Snack Platter that includes chicken wings, calamari and corn fritter, or their Nachos and Quesadilla.

Mexican Platter web

Grilled Chicken w Garlic Butter Sauce web

Nasi Goreng Roa web

Affogato web

Baked Alaska web

LOKAL has three types of rooms; Type A is a deluxe type with twin bed, Type B the mezzanine type with a mini living room, Type C is an attic type – all rooms come with complimentary Wi-Fi. Type B is gorgeous; it has its own mini living room where the couch easily turns into a sofa bed for additional guests, large working desk, direct access to the pool, and pool-view balcony from the bedroom on the second story. The room also has two flat screens TV, one upstairs and one downstairs.





Throughout the hotel you will see their signature artwork; it is called shredded ‘Kawung’ it is also the motifs on the colorful tiles in the middle of the concrete floors in every rooms. Our main favorite thing (amongst others) has got to be the bed linens; it is made by local brand Purana, created from a fabric called tencel. The modern black and white motif is actually a batik print called ‘Parang’. You have to feel it yourself to know what the fabric feels like on your skin.






LOKAL Hotel & Restaurant
Jl. Jembatan Merah No.104C
Jogjakarta 55283
T: +62 274 524334
F: +62 274 551864
Email: kontak@lokalindonesia.com

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