Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Live in Mantra Bali
, / 10 December 2013

Following the success of their Bandung show last December 1st, the San Francisco based rock band the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club continues to rock Mantra Bali on the 4th with very limited space available for those lucky enough to grab them before they sold out – and tickets really sold out fast!




Although the show starts at 9pm, guests were already starting to pour in since 7pm where most of them bought the BRMC Mantra t-shirts as soon as they entered the venue and changed into the tees almost instantly on the spot. DJ Api-Api was on the deck entertaining the crowds as they wait for the main event to start, and for that night only Mantra even prepared a special barbequed skewers for the mere price of IDR 20; such as prawn, scallops, tuna, chicken, and other delicious morsels that doesn’t include red meat.





Before we even know it BRMC took the stage with Robert Levon Been on bass, Peter Hayes on guitar, and Leah Shapiro on drums. They opened the show with ‘Let The Day Begin’ followed by ‘Beat The Devil’s Tattoo’ and ‘Rival’ where audience are welcomed with blinding shining lights and from there crowd goes wild. Songs from ‘Love Burns’, ‘Weight Of The World’, to ‘Spread Your Love’ are all played so perfectly. Rob Been moved closer and aimed his bass towards the crowds like a weapon during ‘Six Barrel Shotgun’ just as he always does during this particular song. When ‘Whatever Happens To My Rock n Roll’ went on, the crowd went completely nuts (especially since it’s not on the set list) and it was definitely a very nice surprise for the fans. People start body surfing and one guy accidentally bumped his head on one of the ceiling fan.





For the rest of the night everyone was really enjoying themselves; cold beers, motorcycle stickers stuck on bodies, lots of dancing – Mantra seemed like an intimate gathering of friends. Which is almost the complete opposite of their Bandung gig, if you were there you’d remember that awesome moment Rob Been opened the barricade to let the crowds get closer, also Peter Hayes’ first laugh during live performance watching people crowd-surfing during the unplugged acoustic of ‘Shuffle Your Feet’. Either way, both gigs are pleasantly memorable. But all good things must come to an end; the band gave an amazing acoustic encore to ‘Complicated Situation’ and ‘Shuffle Your Feet’. Of course, if it weren’t for Coconutt Connection, SUB wouldn’t end up with such awesome pictures of the night to remember it by.



Scroll below for more party pics!

















Words by Vita Aviandhono
Photo courtesy of Coconutt Connection

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