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, / 9 September 2014

So many food, so little time? Yes, we know the feeling and we’re not saying this just because we’re baked (you too probably), but haven’t you all noticed how nowadays there’s like a million new culinary wonders popping up every minute. From classic to something ultra-fushioned, it’s just all out there all at once. Making the food enthusiasts like ourselves a bit overwhelmed. So what do we do when we want a little gastronomy adventure but don’t have the time to go anywhere? We surf the good old web. Here are a few tasty stuff that we noticed this week.

Sublimotion by Paco Roncero
You know that feeling you get when you’re at a rave party? Eating at this new concept gastro-sensitive adventure will leave you feeling similar to that. Michelin starred chef Paco Roncero will treat you to an extravagant 20-course meal at the price of USD 2,000 per person (only 12 guests at a time). We’re not even surprised that this restaurant is in Ibiza. Got the cash? You’re welcome to try it out and let us know how it goes. For more information click here.

As a chocolate and art lover, these artisan chocolates caught my eyes instantly. It is the perfect gift to give whether she is the host of a party or she’s going through a hard breakup, no one is going to refuse a Pollock inspired food. And please, don’t give us that bull about “this food looks too pretty to be eaten”, we paid good money for it so we expect you to eat it. Read more at KNSTRCT or visit their website.

unelefante4 web


The Simpsons-inspired Wine
Russian designers Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich released two bottles that resembled the world’s beloved cartoon couple, Homer and Marge. The interesting part of this bottle is not (just) the design, it’s been said that the content of this bottle have been kept a secret for 26 years now, so you won’t be left disappointed. Until you can actually get your hands on these babies, you’ll just have to stick to your Duff beers.

simpsons1 web

simpsons2 web

Dessert Furniture
Number four on this list is inedible but it still doesn’t take away the fact that they look crazy delicious. Thanks to Italian designer Diego Gugliermetto, now we can pretend we’re in a land of giant food – we’ve always wondered what it’s like to sit on pretty puff pastries. Although it looks fun for the majority of people on this planet, it might not be a good idea to invite people on intense diet, hunger strike, and people on LSD. We kid you not they might actually be compelled to take a bite of your fancy furniture. Read more here.

furniture1 web

furniture3 web

furniture2 web

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