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Xbox One S
, / 13 June 2016

Here at Sub, we’re more of a PS4 crowd mainly because back in our younger years, Playstation was the first and only so-called next-gen console there was. Well not really. It was just the more popular choice among choices like the Gamecube and the Sega Saturn –which is rubbish btw–. Then, Microsoft came along in 2001 with the first Xbox to stir up the market and divide the gaming community into two equally large and active parties. But still, our faith is strong. Our will is unbowed. We stay true to the Playstation. But when Microsoft is announcing that its latest iteration to the Xbox will have a 4-K capability, we just have to say something about it right? OK, granted the fact that a game’s quality doesn’t rely on just the graphics but looking good never hurt anyone.

In less than 24 hours, Microsoft is going to announce the release of the Xbox One S at this year’s E3 press conference and is expected to present a slimmer version of the Xbox One. With a 4-K video playback capability the Xbox One S will surely make a dent in PS4’s reign over the gaming console market. Expected to be around 40% smaller than the previous model, the S –which stands for Slim– is featured in all white with a matching white controller.



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