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Women’s Inspiration Library
, / 1 November 2016

Juggling between a successful career and a harmonious family is a daily challenge for working moms. Therefore, Fukui Bank wanted to do something for these women by creating a space that would inspire them. MASA Architects founder, Masayoshi Nakanishi, fulfilled this idea by designing the Women’s Inspiration Library in Fukui, the city with the most working moms.


This library incorporates big, curve-shaped tables with cozy wooden chairs and round sofas. The surrounding of the seating areas are walls of bookshelves where three of them contain food, health, and beauty literature, divided according to a woman’s life stages. The ceiling bears pendant lamps that provide illumination.

Not only a place for reading, this multi-functional space is also used for workshops that is held by Fukui’s female entrepreneurs and women to share their stories. There is also a separate room for yoga, too.


“The design intent of this big table with many kinds of holes is that each woman can find their own favorite spaces to relax, read, talk with their friends, and take part in some workshops,” said the architect.

Photography is by Tomoki Hahakura.


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