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Welcome To Your Happy Place featuring P-Rod and Nyjah
, / 27 September 2016

The Street League Skateboarding or SLS Super Crown series is just around the corner. This annual event will be held on October 2nd of this year and will feature some household names in the skateboarding industry, such as Ryan Decenzo, Tom Asta, Luan Oliveira, Chris Joslin and of course, the big hitters like Nyjah Huston and Paul Rodriguez.


Founded in 2010 by fellow skater and MTV’s Ridiculousness host Rob Dyrdek, the event keeps on finding brand new ways to gain viewers and followers. It already has a strong following throughout the years, thanks to its unique format where skateboarders participate in a full competition, earning points, positions and of course, cash prizes.

This year’s ad for the SLS Supercrown series is titled Welcome To Your Happy Place and features P-Rod and Nyjah in their own ads. The ad shows how these superstars need to find their own happy place in order to focus and nail tricks.

We here at Sub think that this is an ingenious trick to show that, no matter how these two skaters can smoothly and automatically land tricks, they’re just human beings and by showing that vulnerability, this ad can appeal to a wider spectrum of spectators.

See the ads for yourself!


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