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Warpaint live in Jakarta
, / 23 February 2017

We all love a redemption story. It took our breath away for a sec when the news came out. We didn’t buy it at first, because we’ve been fooled before and the anticipation was big way back then. But soon enough we knew it’s going to be real – Warpaint will hold a concert in Jakarta on February 17th. It’s one of the great ways to start 2017, for sure.

Talk about Warpaint, the band itself is the culmination of a story marked by resilience and girl power. So, it’s not hard for them to gain attention from music junkie as their hit, Elephants, was on the brink of exploding in 2010. Fast forward to 2016, Emily and co. have evolved by using dance-infused indie rock with the Heads Up album acting as an offer to the new generation.

Using an outdoor space just like Tame Impala did a couple of months ago, Wire It Up as a new purveyor of live music didn’t waste time to knock us down with a packed line-up. From local acts – Trou, Diocreatura and Kimokal – to the headliner, the whole concert was packed full with enthusiasm. Though at the start, people were hesitant to move along to the tunes, when Warpaint came up to the stage, we can assure you that the dense crowd moved forward to see the girls on action.

As the clock hit 9:30 PM, the cool girls set the stage on fire with Intro – obviously. While simultaneously building up the atmosphere, Keep It Healthy, Heads Up and Krimson became proof that they know their shit, and man, Emily’s vocal is so clear it’s like it’s pierced into your spine. When Undertow was playing, the crowd beamed more with each performance, leading up to a climactic “Elephants”.

There’s a distinctive feeling when you watch your favorite band live, because you can see who’s in charge on stage and exudes appeal more than the others. Our call is definitely Stella Mozgawa. She led the band with meticulous and magical beats. You can’t help but notice how she effortlessly sat there and played complex arrangements to accompany the others. Overall the energy was all fun with Emily coyly danced away to the front of the stage, Theresa’s cool hair flips intrigued the front row and Jenny Lee’s jovial gestures invited people to cheer until the end of the concert.

However, the downside from this concert is the show was too short and we need more encore!

Words by Febrina Anindita

Photos by Wire It Up

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