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Top Collection 3 Photos
, / 26 July 2012

For Top Collection 3, The House is Black reviewed the correlation between political figures with modern-day photography and how society channel their frustration through mock-edits. Be it the president, the corrupts and the sentenced, everything is packaged in a comical way to present our very own political condition; a real-life comic.

Reza Afisina hung photos of his own journey and public performance/appearance, captured in interesting photos that makes you wonder; what exactly is this person doing? Through various photos, he raised more questions that answers, which is a pretty interesting notion at the end of the day.

Reza Mustar picked the ghost phenomenon and compiled photos of ghost-like appearances from various sources. Its amazing how social beliefs and ancient paradigms makes us see smokes as ghost appearance; how it shifts our perception towards little details.

Agan Harahap, the infamous photomanipulator/photoartist, photoshopped himself with famous figures and edit it as newspaper’s headlines. The delicate details of the edited photos deserve a reward, but then again that’s Agan Harahap’s forte.

Drop by Top Collection 3 photography exhibition at RURU, the exhibition lasts until August 4th 2012.


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