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Three Buns Introduces 3 Bowls
/ 24 November 2016

A lifestyle brand celebrated for continually creating innovative offerings and collaborations, Three Buns continues to set itself apart with the launch of the new 3 Bowls.

For the first time ever, Three Buns – Potato Head Family’s gourmet take on the neighbourhood burger joint – adds rice bowls to the menu. Known as 3 Bowls at Three Buns, these new rice bowls are topped with succulent beef, chicken or pork, savoury sauces and other tasty ingredients, presenting a new take on the flavours that customers love and enjoy.


The 3 Bowls at Three Buns are:

Burning Man A stir-fried rice dish with 100g aged beef patty, gochujang sauce, scallions, ketchup, dashi mayo and smoked cheddar.

Korean Clucker which consists of steamed rice, fried chicken, kimchi, Korean BBQ sauce, and crispy fried shallots.

Bellyfull also a steamed rice dish with den miso glazed belly pork, griddled daikon, cuciwis greens, baked egg, and bawang goreng or fried shallots.




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