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Spilled & Tattered Exhibition by PMP Denim
, / 27 March 2017

PMP Denim, Indonesian denim brand which was established in early 2009, has become the groundbreaking local brand. After years of perfecting the manufacturing process, the brand grows even bigger. One of the things that keep inspiring PMP Denim to do more and much better is all of those great talents that surround them.

In conjunction with their 8th anniversary, PMP Denim presented the Spilled & Tattered Exhibition. They wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge some of the many great talents that they are really proud of. They invited 30 local artists from different backgrounds to respond on their signature SKUNK denim jacket. They gave each artist the freedom to express themselves with they’re own character and unique style.

On Saturday, March 8th, they mark the date as the opening reception of the Spilled & Tattered Exhibition. Friends and family came to see the exhibition as well as to celebrate PMP’s 8th Anniversary. The guests were entertained by the performance from a new local band, Scaller.

Spilled & Tattered Exhibition ran from March 8th until 26 March 2017 at Roemah Seni Sarasvati, Bandung which open from 12pm to 7pm daily.

Here’s a look at the exhibition pieces.


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