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Spectral Fiction by Syagini
, / 17 May 2016

What would the world look like if there’s no color in everything?  Would it still be as beautiful as a lush of tall trees overlooking the streets or as pretty as a plate of stacked pancakes adorned with edible flowers. It takes only lights and a pair of gifted eyes to make someone discover colors in the world. It’s that simple until there’s a chromophobia that could leave someone hesitant to use colors on daily basis. The phenomenon took place in the world of art where there were times when finally colors were embedded to particular arts. We’ve seen a bunch of artworks that came with spectacle of spectrums from the simplest to the most mind-numbing ones.

Syagini Ratna Wulan aka Cagi as an experimental artist sees that as an intriguing part to be explored. Having years of experiences on her sleeve made her critical and sensitive to peel off this issue to a deeper state. Technology also plays part on her gradual style of art which we’ve seen from her installation phase to the newest one where lights and colors are her main muse to explore the current pieces. Goethe once said colors were present because of lights shed in and well it does play tricks on us. With that idea, Syagini in this solo exhibition “Spectral Fiction” made a world of her own, much more like Alice in James Turrell’s land. Neon lights, pastel hues and feminine touch can be extracted from this show upon a single sight.

Agung Hujatnikajennong as the curator stated that in this exhibition we can see two kinds of art shown with the same concept yet using different mediums. First, we were greeted by a lined up 2D works made of resin, where Cagi intends to show that different materials can portray the eloquent dance of colors other than what technology does on our daily consumption of images on gadgets and computers. We took a brief moment to find rough lines between colors but found none, seamlessly made! Cagi captured the beauty of colors on its best form. We could see up next, personalized canvases paneled and sprayed so meticulously, it incorporates a composition of color specs into ambiguous sketches. It is present on the wall with normal lighting but it gives two perspectives of light as she provides the darker and lighter sides on one panel. You can see why her latest works have gained so much attention since last year for its use of math equations into visual arts collided to mimic what our eyes see.

There’s also a hidden room which resemblance this exhibition through the looking glass where every corner is adorned by neon lights and shades the room with mixed layers of colors. Inside, she put in both series of her. We just wish it comes in a bigger size, because we’d like to sleep in there.





Exhibition period:

April 30th – May 20th 2016

Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00-19:00

ROH Projects

Equity Tower, 40th floor

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53


Word and photos by Febrina Anindita

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