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Speakman Sound drop psychedelic house offering ‘Pangea’
/ 16 March 2017

Brand new Glastonbury production duo Speakman Sound take dance into uncharted territories with the psychedelic stylings of their second single called Pangea.

Brothers Todd and Guy, the duo behind Speakman Sound, spent their childhood in the Glastonbury area immersed in music through their father, a well-known guitarist heavily involved with the psychedelic music scene, and grew into adolescence against a backdrop of rave culture in Somerset.

Pangea starts with thudding bass and ambient synths before crescendoing into a climactic live drum outro that would crumble in weaker hands. Listen here.

That the Speakman brothers are producers in their own right too should come as no surprise. Having received a start-up grant for a studio in Cricklewood, they have built an artistic hub from scratch and are surrounded by a creative coterie of young musicians and talented artists practicing across film and music in North London where they hold regular late night jams and parties.

Pangea is already released on the brother’s own label ETLW Records on 15th March and they will be debuting their exciting live electronic show on 10th May at a Electrowerkz

Enjoy the video for their other single In Flight below.

Photo Cred: Joe Guy
Costume: Amy Thompson


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