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Second Dome, The Inflatable Space by DOSIS
, / 18 October 2016


A giant inflatable space was blown on the 1st of October 2016 in London Fields to host a free family event. The structure, called Second Dome, is designed by Spanish studio DOSIS, which is run by Isabel Collado and Ignacio Peydro.

The pneumatic structure has a bright yellow base and a transparent upper with yellow polka dots all over. “It is a technologic artifact that automatically responds to wind and pressure and that needs extremely low quantities of energy for fabrication and assembly,” the husband-and-wife said.

It was pumped full of air to maintain its bulbous form. The space can transform from a single 65-square-meter pod into 400 square meters chambers in just minutes.


Second Dome was originally created for the London-based Second Home, a collaborative workspace for various small companies,to host a business and technology event called Founders Forum 2016 earlier this summer. Now, this plastic dome will travel across London to host other events.


“Second Dome is such a playful space, and shows how our urban areas can fire our imagination and can make it possible for people to come together in new ways,” said Sam Aldenton, who co-founded Second Home with Rohan Silva in 2014.


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