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Rumah by Anton Ismael
, / 11 April 2016

Rumah by Anton Ismael

Wherever you go, there’s always a place you long for, whether its the familiar feelings or the given ambience, a place called home –rumah–. It ain’t easy to define it, but it assures the subject right away with special memories enveloped on peoples’ minds. Bear in mind though, even if you’re full of hatred, it is only home that could soften your heart.

Using a modern take on the idea of home, our beloved photographer Anton Ismael aka Pa’e used a limited space at RUCI Art Space and turned into a sanctuary. Walk down the memory lane as an adult to back as a child who just wants to be free on the second floor of RUCI. Ismael made it even more personal as he wrote down every caption/story by his handwriting which also has its own pain, if not legacy.

Prickly constellation of being part of a family has never been so frustrating. But it does get away as times goes by where you’ve become someone you’re against, like your parents. Ismael made a crystal clear journey for all visitors with their own version of home, which as the curator, Ade Darmawan, said “(it is a) space which is often referred to in a reflective, romantic, melancholic manner and is filled with images of memories and of the days ahead.”

RUCI’s characteristic to always put the artists on the spotlight, not only with their artworks, but also their process in making the exhibitions with all imprinted personalities can also be seen in Ismael’s exhibition. It offers a slice of his personal yet very social and relates to everyone, well with the assumptions that everyone has a family and home.

Varied mediums are used and assembled to put simple signs of your dad’s home and his aquarium filled with goldfishes at the backyard or stacks of trophies shelved behind a big telly, so grand you wouldn’t miss all the pressures whenever you visit your mom on public holidays. A never-ending relationship is stamped onto you as you paid your way to the world. The womb was your home, it was warm and crafted for you only until the world greeted you with its complexities. Being compared is something we’ve always been.  Satisfaction, your satisfaction will never be achieved. But do they really push you because they’re hopeful of you or is it because it became a cycle of life? Home is much more complex than you’ve known.

A retrospective look on events and memories are scattered surrounds the artworks where mixed feelings are undeniable, especially when you visit the gallery at 11 am. We must warn you though, that room with trophies will haunt you. But if you’re looking for a lighter after-effect, try to paint your picture of home next to the goldfishes. It’ll add colors as much as memories.







Exhibition period:

April 1st-May 15th, 2016

Tuesday-Sunday 11am to 7pm

RUCI Art Space
Jl. Suryo No. 49, KebayoranBaru

W: www.ruciart.com

I: www.instagram.com/ruci.art


Word and photos by Febrina Anindita

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