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Rocket Rain
/ 12 November 2013

Life and its essence. Freedom and absurdity.

Vagina, long-road trippin, land with full of aloe vera, a gymnastic/aerobic sesh with very odd movements. It’s visually too absurd. Rocket Rain by Anggun Priambodo is one ambitious movie. Come with a big scope of complexity, coated with dark comedy (can’t help to laugh coz it’s too absurd, puff puff pass) and totally endless cycle of paradox.


If you think your life event can’t be traced back by yourself, in this piece, Anggun tells us that it is possible that someone who’s totally out of our timeline could bring back the memory and prolly unfolding each other’s breakdowns.

White Shoes and the Couples Company and Jirapah are one of many talents who did the scoring for this movie. If you hit their official website, it’s vividly helpful, with many details in fun artworks. This is such a terrific piece of work.


W: http://rocketrainmovie.com/
E: rocketrainmovie@gmail.com
F: www.facebook.com/rocketrain
T: @Rocket_rain


Words by Febrina Anindita



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