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Reimagining World’s Leader As Hipsters
, / 2 July 2015

Have you ever imagine what the world and cultural’s leader will look like if they are hipsters? No. Never. But this time, illustrator Amit Shimoni will help you fantasise that in one of his ongoing project series called ‘Hipstory‘. Hipstory is a project which is meant to reimagine some great leaders of modern history and characterized them in a contrasting culture and time such as today’s youth culture.

Continuing last year’s project, now this series has seven additional historical and contemporary world’s leaders that include U.S. President Barrack ObamaHillary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth, Martin Luther King, Jr., Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela. Take a look at these hip leaders sporting young people’s hairstyles and outfits. Well, Clinton and Elizabeth sure look very chic in that set of clothes.








This illustration is available for sale starting from $17. For more info in this project, visit Amit Shimoni‘s website here.


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