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Present Continuous
, / 26 February 2016

Jakarta as the capital city and the benchmark in Indonesia, has set the bar of all bits of community life. Since the citizen’s awareness of urban life continues to grow, the level of creativity in making diverse choices of form has reached the peak in a short period of time. The emergence of curiosity to have a greater appreciation spawned the need to go up to the next phase, such as the availability of art through alternative exhibitions.

Having the massive development in the making, we have encountered many abandoned spaces and new ones made specifically for the name of art. From the streets to to malls. Yes, malls to be exact. Now malls are not only places for hedonists,  with the birth of  A.P.A  Space – Alternative Public Artspace– part of The Goods Space, which takes place at one of the oldest lux malls in the heart of Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia. Established since November 2015, A.P.A. Space keeps reigning and scouting for emerging artists to introduce both sides of creative minds and enthusiasts with the possibility of having the latest gen of all classes as beginner art collectors.

Though A.P.A. aims to push artists who are barely discovered, if we’re talking about the main scene of visual art in Jakarta, but this time with Tisna Sanjaya as the curator of the latest episode, A.P.A. came up with “Present Continuous.”.  Well, this time the featured artists are not entirely new, you can find Haikal Azizi with his version of city life captured in overlapping yet harmonious sound installations. We’re not sure how long it is, but he definitely put it on a loop, a reason to stick to his installation and chug a pint of beer if it’s possible.

Rega Ayundya Putri and her passion keeps having a special place, a meticulous one in our heart by showcasing her illustrations with pen, only a magnifier is needed and thankfully provided to let us get a closer look at every line. Among  the 12 artists Guntur Timur, Nia Gautama, Zusfa Roihan, Fritjof Margeritch, Itsnataini Rahmadillah, Janissa Cahyadi, Faiz Bolkiah, Gangga Saputra, Melvan Sagala and Bayu Sagala each of them encapsulate a certain moment marked by uninterrupted extension in space, time, or sequence in the making, which in this case is the idea itself. By putting simple inspirations taken from daily basis of urbanites, Present Continuous presents exploration of life from these young artists to us as a reflection.








Exhibition period:

February 18th – March 6th 2016

Daily, 11am – 10pm

A.P.A. Space

Plaza Indonesia, Fifth Floor

Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav.28-30

Jakarta 10350


Word and photos by Febrina Anindita

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