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Post Memory: Born Afterwards
/ 2 July 2014

Usually people dig old stuff because they find it very unique and soulful rather than modern or urban stuff. They dig it because they love the simple concept or visually attracted, and some have sentimental reason behind their fondness. Windi Apriani is one of them, she loves classic things, and she often imagines herself living at that time, like old black-and-white photos you find in mom’s drawers.

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Curated by Asmudjo J. Irianto, with exploration between painting and drawing, this is her first solo exhibition ever. She has an immense technique to make us feel in between. When we see her artworks, our eyes are manipulated with shadows of stitching on each canvas. We’re certain it looks like painting, but when we step closer, there are thin lines, cross-lined drawing on top of it, and all by pen. The crossover between painting and drawing also made new chance in contemporary arts, where anything is possible, she brought new breeze, unlike the others. There are 11 artworks for this exhibition, each took around 1,5 week to make. She painted the canvases with oil painting and started to draw cross lines, which need careful planning and discipline in the making. Moreover, the curator explained, “Her cross-stitching technique is even more interesting, as it becomes evident only through close visual observation, but what first seen but its audience is its general appearance and narrative.”

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In the past, Apriani has often presented self-portraits, but this time the highlight is on her presence. This project has bold classic nuance, with overlapping pictures as if she wants to capture rolling time in her artwork. The objects that accompany her in canvas are also oldies, such as gramophone, big clock, and chairs, while her costume looks like female clothing in the past. It is clearly apparent from the overlapping two impressions of Apriani is telling us about the fact that time continues to progress. “Windi’s work contain the nature of being projective, illustrating something imagined before it is drawn – this is contrary to the process of finding forms through the process of drawing directly on a medium,” said the curator. Longing for the past is the message written in the double self-portrait, a symbol where she lives in today but has a desire to come back to the past. Beautiful.

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Exhibition Period:
June 10th – 29th 2014
Tuesday – Sunday: 11 am – 7 pm

ROH Projects
Thamrin Nine Complex/ANZ Square (Mezzanine floor)
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 10
Central Jakarta
T: +6221 2938 8510

Words and photos by Febrina Anindita



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