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Piston – Titik Nol
/ 3 February 2017

The Jakarta based heavy punk band formed in late 2010, Piston, finally released their debut album called Titik Nol. We stumbled upon Piston when on a gig at Jaya Pub a few years ago. What strikes us is how they managed to blurt out indonesian lyrics without us having to resort to open the KBBI to understand what they’re singing about.

Piston has always been a very hardworking band. They’ve played numerous gigs consistently. Watching them live always gave us a burst of energy to shout along with them. How thrilled we are when we hear that they are going to immortalise the same kind of ferocious energy into a record.

Titik Nol is filled with familiar titles which has often been played as their live repertoir. They sound interesting and powerful on every live performance. We like how the vocal is so tight and full of energy.

Unfortunately, “Titik Nol” has several downsides that detract from the listening experience. We feel that there are several questionable production choice that make the album felt less potent compared to their live performance. The vocal didn’t sound too powerful like they did on every live performance. But still, the songs can hold their own. Those simple yet catchy guitar riff, rough bass sound and heavy energy drums are filled on every each tracks on the album.

Several notes aside, Titik Nol is still a very powerful album that brands Piston as one of the most important young band in the metal and punk scene.

Watch Piston’s single below!


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