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Paul Rodriguez Gold Pro Rated Andale Bearings
/ 24 March 2016

Andale Bearings is a skater owned and operated bearings manufacturer which was founded in 2010 by Joey Brezinski and Paul Rodriguez, bringing you the best affordable bearings. Rider tested and approved!

Now, we all know Paul Rodriguez or P-Rod likes his gold. This goofy stance skateboarder’s relationship with the color is reflected in most of the products that bear his name, starting from the gold swoosh logo on his signature Nike SB, his signature gold Venture trucks, and most notably his gold Primitive deck.


Andale Bearings is the latest in his endorsement line-up to present him with his own line of signature bearings, and can you guess the color? Yes, its gold! It’s not like you can see the bearings once they’re installed but hey, street racers paint their brake calipers and no one is complaining.

These bearings are designed and tested by Paul himself to withstand the impact and abuse of everyday skating. Go get some, here.


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