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Painting Sense
/ 18 August 2014

painting sense6

Aditya Novali latest solo exhibition has been done and kindly affecting viewers with what’s behind every piece of art. Painting Sense did a turning point of a perspective through paintings. What we usually see in a painting is a drawing on a canvas with strokes of paint, either oil or acrylic or any additive media used to make the painting different. We know the usual process of making a painting mainly using a knives set or just plain brushes to create a varied lines attentively before it turns into such what we called paintings. Novali used to paint before making a scene with his quirky artworks. We’ve seen his installations that hooked us, it was a map of Indonesia made of red candle and once it’s burned we saw a picture of irony in Indonesia as the candle melted until there’s no certain forms of Java or Borneo or Indonesia as a whole nation. That piece has stolen our soul and it’s more likely a one chance only, once it’s burned we can’t see the process when those candles melt, precisely a picture that we can’t rebuild our nation, and we can’t do nothing but linger and living in it.

painting sense3

painting sense2

In Painting Sense he wants to have, say reminisce; he wants to paint again but he doesn’t want to produce “ordinary” paintings. So he created a new works that somehow engage the concept of painting. He elaborated that concept by experimenting identical parts from the process of painting that often left by viewers, us. “Behind simple white canvases, brushes and other tools, lies a complexity of ideas and responses,” that line is well-written by the curator – Junior Tirtadji as he analyzed Novali’s series. It’s exciting to see several brushes customized into some oddities we can’t find anywhere else. There are many sizes of brushes also, from the biggest one to the smallest one. The common brush is made of wood with a strip of metal to connect the handy part to the fibers. But then Novali plays with the structures and then there are several modifications. He also bends each part into brushes that we’re not sure can be used to paint anything, but it looks really eye-catching.

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painting sense5

There are pencils and rollers too, we’re talking about the whole process of any process of painting that you’ve learned in school or workshop. Then not to mention the canvases, the square and pointy media where paintings are usually laid upon it, arranged into an IQ test on the wall. Wood, cast, plexiglass even a canvas made of stone lining up in the gallery. It’s proven that when you understand a concept, you can play or experiment with it. If you turn the concept upside down, will people still get the concept? Is it really behind every simple things lies a complexity? Even though it comes in a small package? In a sense that you need to use your senses more often and optimally to anything. A very contemplative exhibition ever.

painting sense1

Exhibition Period:
July 12th – August 16th, 2014
Tuesday – Sunday: 11 am – 7 pm

ROH Projects
UOB Plaza/ANZ Square
Mezzanine Unit A&B
Jl. MH. Thamrin No.10
T: 021 2938 8510

Words & photos by Febrina Anindita

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