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The Mummy Trailer #2
/ 3 April 2017

Now for those of us who grew up in the 90s and early 2000s, we associate The Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser who played the hero Rick, who fought alongside his wife/Nefertiti reincarnation Evelyn O’Conell, played by the beautiful Rachel Weisz.

Throughout the franchise, fans and viewers became familiar with Arnold Vosloo’s character Imhotep, the Anck Su Namun chants and of course, The Scorpion King played by Dwayne Johnson. Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh made an appearance also on The Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor which was released in 2008.

For the new movie, simply titled The Mummy, Tom Cruise will be taking over the reigns where he will play as the protagonist. The reboot will also star Russel Crowe, Sofia Boutella –who played the deadly vixen with the blade legs from Kingsman–, Chris Martin’s latest squeeze Annabelle Wallis, The New Girl’s Jake Johnson and Javier Botet as Set.

The movie will hit theaters June 9. Watch the trailer below.


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