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MUJI Releases Minimalist Homes
, / 18 May 2017

Japanese lifestyle retailer MUJI is probably best known for its line of minimalist clothing and housewares. Now, MUJI is moving on from that image with the release of its line of minimalist, prefabricated homes.

After releasing the Minimalist Huts line — retails around 3000.000 JPY or 27.000 USD — earlier this year, these prefabricated houses are a step forward which give customers the freedom to choose from three minimalist-style homes consisting of two parts: the “skeleton” (exterior) and the “infill” (interior). The three homes were designed by Naoto Fukasawa, Jasper Morrison and Konstantin Grcic. Fukasawa’s wooden hut is inspired by traditional Japanese log cabins and features floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors, a large Japanese bath and a wood-burning stove, while Morrison’s cork hut and Grcic’s aluminum hut provide sustainably built spaces for simple living.

A MUJI spokesperson adds “Muji is a lifestyle brand so our products cater to every aspect of how people live their lives. For this project, we focused on the spaces people choose to inhabit when they are not in the city or away from home.”


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