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Monkey Shoulder Re-invents the Konga Shaker
/ 5 August 2016

Back in the 1930s, bartenders were using a type of shaker with rotating handles that allows the cocktails to be made using a rolling rather than shaking motion. But it has long been forgotten in the history books as a lot of cocktail shakers increased in popularity.  The rotating shaker has been gone for over a quarter of century and all had disappeared except for those kept in private collections or sold at specialist auctions. 75 years later, Monkey Shoulder re-invents the historical shaker and named it the Konga Shaker.

The Monkey Shoulder Konga Shaker was manufactured to the original design. It features two rotating handles that you hold to shake, or rather roll, the cocktail. It’s big enough to make three or four cocktails, and has a built-in sieve. It features a modern and useful pouring system which makes it way easier to use than any other shaker.

Konga Shaker

According to Monkey Shoulder Whisky Global Brand Ambassador Dean Callan, Monkey Shoulder aims to take away some of the preconceptions about whisky, making it accessible and enjoyable to all. Everyone can enjoy whisky in a fun way! Also, Dean Callan said that the final product of the shaker is the result of multiple prototypes.

On August 2nd 2016, The Southeast Asia Ambassador, Jay Gray, have explained and showed us all about the use of the Konga Shaker and invited bartenders from bars around Jakarta to try and make their specialty cocktails using the Konga Shaker. Looks like the use of the shaker was really fun, you can jam to the music while shaking the drinks. No more awkward shaker face!

If you live in Jakarta and want to catch the Konga Shaker in use, you can head down to LOLA, Olivier, 3rd Avenue, The Sofia and other selected bars from 8 August to 7 September.

Watch the video below to see how the Konga Shaker works!


Anida Bajumi

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