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Match Made In HEL
, , / 20 October 2014

Ever wondered what it would be like to experience the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series in real life? To do tricks and grinds on the tarmac and the inside of an airport? Well through the help of Finnair and the Helsinki Airport, skateboarder Arto Saari did just that. He and seven other skaters, including the winner of the 2013 X-Games Munich Skateboard Park Finals Curren Caples, Matt Berger, and the young phenom Louie Lopez skated the Helsinki Airport over a weekend, and produced some of the most awe-inspiring and jaw dropping footages any skater could ever ask for.Want-to-skate-at-Helsinki-Airport-with-Arto-Saari-


This project, aptly named Match Made In HEL, is the brainchild of Arto Saari. The 32-year old skateboarding icon is featured in several of the THPS series and worked alongside trick guru/circus freak Rodney Mullen at Activision in the past years. The whole project was set up as an invitational to join Arto Saari for the event. Though some skaters couldn’t make it due to injury, most of them did and created this almost surreal project.

match-made-in-hel-arto-saari-helsinki-airport-01-960x640 match-made-in-hel-arto-saari-helsinki-airport-06-960x640 match-made-in-hel-arto-saari-helsinki-airport-08-960x640 match-made-in-hel-arto-saari-helsinki-airport-15-960x640 match-made-in-hel-arto-saari-helsinki-airport-09-960x640 match-made-in-hel-arto-saari-helsinki-airport-16-960x640 match-made-in-hel-arto-saari-helsinki-airport-10-960x640 match-made-in-hel-arto-saari-helsinki-airport-19-960x640 match-made-in-hel-arto-saari-helsinki-airport-20-960x640 match-made-in-hel-arto-saari-helsinki-airport-14-960x640

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