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LVL Band
/ 5 October 2016

The LVL Band is a new heath product which you can wear around your wrist to remind you if you are hydrated enough or not because even if you drink eight glasses of water a day, you still might not be properly hydrated.


Throughout the day, the LVL band gives wearers a small vibration to notify them when their hydration levels are getting low. A smartphone app that accompanies the band offers an estimated dehydration level, say “18% dehydrated,” and advises you to drink a certain amount of water accordingly.

Over time this device will read your tendencies to exercise and go to bed and those behavioral patterns will then be the recommendations for you. These calibrated recommendations will be tailored accordingly for you based on your personal tendencies.

The LVL band is highly accurate, exceeding even military or first-responder standards for hydration measurement, Freckleton says. The measured levels were only 0.32% off from the actual values tested in the lab. The band also tracks heart rate with similar accuracy.



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