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Los Angeles: 3 Hobby Stores Worth Seeing
/ 7 May 2013


If you’ve wanted to buy a pair of roller skates for so long but don’t know where, stumbling into this store was like finding gold. It’s too bad that they don’t cater for international shipment, especially when they have clientele from all over the world. Here at Moxi you can customize your skate, for example they’d take your favorite pair of shoes and add rings and wheels, and voila, one of a kind skates! They also sell every skate-related accessory you could think of, including Moxi Skate Leash available in so many different colors and the Moxi Vice Versa Skate Tool to loosen up your bearings. Even those with skating injuries could still look good with their slings and crutches. This conceptual store sells everything a skater could possibly ask for.

2132E 4th street, Long Beach, CA 90814

For their online store go to Moxirollerskates.com






From the parking lot you can already see the Amoeba entrance that leads to an elevator and stairs, with posters and vinyl stuck on the wall. As soon as you walked in you’ve died and gone to music heaven; with rows and rows of vinyl, cassettes, CD which are all categorized by genres then alphabetical order. Music fans will be blown away with all the stuff available here whether it’s rare items, collectibles, new arrivals, and used items. Even in the rare section there’s a chance you will find an outrageously expensive priced vinyl to the downright cheap. Music memorabilia and trinkets are also available including The Beatles figurines, posters, gramophone, pins and buttons, patches and more.

Their second floor is dedicated to films. The DVDs are aligned alphabetically, and their collections are relatively complete. If you’re ever in Hollywood, this place is a must visit.

6400 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028







You will find anything old and new here; clothes, furniture, antiques, shoes, bathroom and kitchen tiles with pictures of pinup girls on it, anything. Prices of things vary just as much as the things they’re selling, but of course, just like any other flea market you can always haggle down the price. Get lost in a sea of interesting items and be prepared to find treasure. Another good point about this place is that they carry the ATM machine. . We’re just not sure if we’re happy about that or not.

7850 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046

To know more about this place click melrosetradingpost.org









 Photos courtesy of Icubelle

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