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The Lomo’Instant Camera
, / 23 June 2014

Admit it; don’t you guys just love Instagram, (or any other current instant photo editing application) with its innovative ability to change a picture through filters and different color schemes, alter perceptions, and what not? And who doesn’t love those film cameras, especially those that instantly develop the image and produce a tangible picture. Well, you my 21st century friends are definitely living in era of fulfillment, because Lomography is just about to release (this November) a new camera that does not only resemble the renowned Instant camera, but you can also adjust the picture to however you would like. Let us elaborate a bit further.



lomo1 web

Perfectly sized with different styles that is equipped with, brace yourselves, a built in Wide Angle Lens, fisheye and Portrait Lens attachments, alongside with 3 modes; flash on auto, flash on manual, and flash off manual alongside with multiple exposures, B setting for infinite long exposures, color flash gels in red, blue, purple, and yellow, aperture settings and an easy 2 step focusing. For the cherry on top, this camera uses the Fujifilm Instax Mini Film which is film that is relatively easy to find, even here in Indonesia. Don’t fret about not getting to see the end results and instantly editing it before it actually is produced, because that is surely one of the most fun things about analog photography; not knowing what you’re actually going to get.

As much as we love the raw analog photography, Lomography has also been there to have fun and add in splashes of various colors. Head to this website and find out how to support Lomography’s newest venture and any other detailed information.



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