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Leica Sofort
, / 14 September 2016

Leica has been known as one of the giants in camera products. Its brand name competes on the very top tier of high-end camera and sport optics products. While the Leica name is usually associated with high-quality, lightweight rangefinder cameras, which have gained renown from their use as the camera of choice for several famous street photographers, this year Leica is rumored to be dipping its feet into the instant camera pool.

Named the Sofort, Leica’s instant camera will be officially announced on September 15th. Available in three colors, the cameras will use Leica branded film, a film created in collaboration with the Fujifilm Company. In addition to the usual black/white and color formats, these film packs will also fit the Fujifilm Instax Mini, so you have a good idea of what the Leica Instant Camera will produce.


Dedicated accessories like straps, cases, photo albums, and more are just some of the camera’s feature. A Leica -designed menu navigation and icons –with modes including Selfie, Party, Sport, or Macro– is also featured on this camera.

The camera is said to cost approximately $315 USD, with each film pack between $13-15 USD. Anticipate more news about the camera following its official release.


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