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KFC’s Watt A Box
, / 23 June 2016


Don’t you just hate it when you can’t stay in touch with your friends while enjoying a bucket of chicken or those annoying times when you can’t upload that perfect fried chicken on to your social media accounts for others to gaze upon? All because your battery is dead. Some phones can’t even open its camera when it’s running low on juice.

Now, introducing KFC’s Watt A Box. A box to charge your smart device while you’re devouring all of KFC’s chickeny goodness. This box is essentially a 5-in-1 meal packaging which features an integrated power bank which you can hook up to your smartphone using the complimentary USB charging cable.

As for now, this electrifying package deal is only limited to select parts of India but with enough coverage maybe KFC will make them available to more parts of the world because not only does this meal charge your tummy it will also charge your devices.


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