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Janji Kang Jait
, / 28 March 2016

Holding a vast list of contemporary artists has made A.P.A. Space easily walk through its way in Jakarta as an alternative artspace. Name any eccentric artist, by far, they have covered or possibly will hold exhibitions out of it with topics taken from daily-based inspirations or highly anticipated events, of course. Speaking of which, this March, Jakarta had fashion people swarm around the city’s hotspots with outfits you might only see on the telly for the fashion week gala festivity.

Taking that as an inspiration, A.P.A. Space invited Dila Ayu aka Ayudilamar and Rama Dauhan as curators to create a platform in celebrating the union of design, art and the works produced. These two curators ain’t new peeps in the scene with an extensive list of (art)works they’ve produced that have taken their feet to places and many level of uniqueness. Known as a designer and occasional muralist, Dauhan and his lively personality delivered the theme into an experimental collaboration between visual art and fashion exhibition titled “Janji Kang Jait” in collaboration with Go Ahead People with Ayu’s renowned take on creating eye-poking design into the space in such a fun way to open an exhibition. Party for freaks if we could dub it, as A.P.A. executed this exhibition with playful meaning of art that it isn’t always sturdy and serious.

Sorted artworks are displayed in a small space with 13 selected artists to represent each blatant style of being cynical, eerie, and elegant. Our favorite Natasha Gabriella Tontey came up with her old piece from her previous exhibition in Yogyakarta, “The Cautionary Tales” with the most extravagant – to us – fabric used which reminds us of clown costumes or all-white ballroom gowns with lace hoods, only it comes in plain white. Her eerie touch strongly accentuates the space and when we came we’re greeted by 2 tellies with one of it showing “Spotlight” the movie!

Cut and Rescue x Nissal Berlindung, Julia Skergeth x Tisa Granicia, Rama Dauhan x Ruth Marbun, Marishka Soekarna and Ricky “Babay” Janitra among others also brought their pieces with bias to metaphorically tell the world upon fashion sphere’s limitless changes. By giving experimental pieces such as sandals made of ceramic for example, it is a justification that we’re on our way to a phase where everything; in this case the creative world, has changed beyond its value. So it is possible to see boundaries of your desired world got undermined within a short period. The key, as DJ Khaled might say, is to never take yourself too seriously and find alternatives to create new value.

Exhibition period:

March 16th-April 5th 2016

Daily, 11am – 10pm

A.P.A. Space

Plaza Indonesia, Fifth Floor

Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav.28-30

Jakarta 10350








Word and photos by Febrina Anindita


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