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Inkubator Gallery: New Folder Opening
, / 6 June 2011

Over the course of a year the four selected artists, Aderi Putra Wicaksono, Arief Pristianto, Andri William and Yudha Kusuma Putra, developed their ideas and put together an exhibition that focused on themes of performance and identity. Aderi Putra Wicaksono displayed four prints of people working collectively to simulate animals. Carefully choreographed, Aderi mindfully balances each animal subject with its manmade background to produce a photograph that is detached from reality and the predictability of everyday existence. Arief Pristianto takes a different approach to his staged photographs, focusing intensely on the professions of neighborhood workers, and the loss of individuality that comes with daily labor. In each of Arief’s photographs a camouflaged model is juxtaposed with a common occupation. At first the viewer doesn’t spot the virtually invisible person hidden in what might otherwise be taken for a random snapshot. Using the same techniques as well known artist Liu Bolin, Arief delves into social commentary, conveying the innate invisibility of those marginalized by society.

Andri William also deals with the loss of individuality with his markedly impersonal photographs of men. Andri presents the viewer with four pairs of portraits. Each pair depicts two people dressed exactly alike, posed identically with a striking resemblance to each other. In Andri’s work each picture depicts a person, but any clue as to the personality or character of the subject is lost when viewed next to another portrait portraying the same scenario. Those markers that we typically rely on to give us personal information (e.g. clothing, hairstyle, facial expression and stance) become conspicuously deceptive and unreliable indicators of the subject’s persona or nature.

Where Andri presents us with visual renderings that make us second guess our assumptions due to their ardently contrived compositions, Yudha Kusuma Putra offers us portraits that are profoundly personal and distinctly narrative. In Yudha’s Family Series he places a family member (mother, father, or brother) in the middle of the frame surrounded by their personal artifacts and everyday objects. Lovingly rendered and jovial in nature, Yudha’s portraits tell of his parents’ passions with photos taken in their respective comfort zones. His Mother proudly shows off her gardening shears in his work Mother as Gardener, while his father merrily exhibits his camera in the aptly named, Father with His Camera print. Each of his five photographs allows the viewer get to know his family in an endearing and artful way.

New Folder was a charming affair showcasing provocative and engrossing photographs. Each of the 4 artists exhibited a unique perspective, skillfully articulated amid layers of meaning. The exhibit will be up until June 25th. Take some time to discover these new talents for yourself.

Words & photos by Melany Zwartjes

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