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Hashigo by Wakai
, / 26 September 2016

The Japanese brand Wakai has been making a name for itself in the fashion and lifestyle industry for a few years now. Its simple yet elegant silhouettes have been a must-have accessory on most feet in the hotter seasons like Spring and Summer. With stores all over the world, the brand is tightening its grip on the whole casual footwear market and this is backed by the fact that Wakai’s design appeals to multiple genders, race and age group.




The Wakai brand’s spirit is defined by five letters which spell SMART which is an acronym for Sport, Music, Art, Retail and Technology. The five aspects of production that are clearly interpreted in each and every single Wakai product.

With today’s ever changing trends and needs, this digital era screams for a more flexible choice. These transformations demand a daily struggle where today’s followers are being prepped to be tomorrow’s leaders. Wakai too is moving forward as a brand and innovates as THE brand for everyone. This new collection is THE definitive collection for everyone.

In 2015, the brand came up with the idea to create something fresh for Wakai. This silhouette, which is called Hashigo, fuses the basic characteristics in which Wakai is best known for and adds high quality upper materials and removable yet still flexible cork insole materials.


Featuring a new rubber outsole to give a more stable and comfortable walk, these shoes also include a new texture, giving a stronger grip to accelerate performance even on wet surfaces.

Not only does Hashigo brings together Wakai’s signature features for optimized comfort, it also cmes in a variety of bright colors and patterns to fit everyone’s daily needs.

Hashigo is brought up to life as Wakai Basic 2.0, meaning that Hashigo can function as your everyday comfort shoes, but with the application of the new technology of rubber outsole for traction, it makes it so much lighter and fashionable to support a more active and sporty lifestyle.


The slip on goodness of Hashigo offers perfect fit and stability while the extra lightweight feature will make you thread those extra steps easily, making Hashigo is Wakai’s latest manifestation in comfort and style.

This brand was born to satiate the lifestyle of the young, dynamic and spirited individuals. Wakai creates lifestyle products that are carefully crafted with passion and dedication while at the same time fusing them with Japanese inspirations.



These products is the embodiment of  the modern look that is combined with Japanese culture heritage in each of the pieces made where every little detail tells a story. This unique combination aims to bring a very interesting inspiration to the fashion industry.



As the latest line up to be churned out of Wakai’s creative factory, Hashigo will no doubt be the center of attention in the fashion scene and with features like bright colors, eye catching patterns and custom construction, these babies will inspire the retail scene with its pieces in no time. So what are you waiting for? Go get your hands on a pair –or two—of Hashigo!


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