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Grace Jones Is Coming To Bali
, / 17 September 2016

Her figure is popping, not just because of her height but the way she carries herself along with the passion oozing outta her. Grace Jones has become the pinnacle of success, if you’re looking for inspiration. Born in Jamaica before relocating to Syracuse, New York with her family, she immediately embarked on a successful career as a model in New York City and Paris before becoming an iconic figure in music that we croon over.




With her first record deal in 1977, Jones needs no further introduction to make any dance floor swamped with an eager crowd. This resulting in an ongoing, if not timeless, string of dance-club hits including “I Need A Man” and her acclaimed reinvention of Edith Piaf’s classic “La Vie En Rose” banging from speakers all over the world.

So, if you have a penchant for disco balls and a bold crowd, then look no further than Miss G. And taking notes from that, we have some good news for you who are rooting for that crazy beat, she’s coming to Bali!

On October 8th, you’ll be able to see the queen live and let loose to her music at Potato Head Beach Club.

If you are still yearning for more, then we can add up another shot of joy, because the renowned DJ Harvey will be playing the closing set afterwards!

Click this link to get a special offer and see ya there!


Words by FebrinaAnindita

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