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/ 16 August 2015

Somewhere in Amsterdam’s hip Jordaan district, lies one of the most happening place in the Netherlands, today. Fraîche is a brand new restaurant that offers a totally new dining experience. Different from the hoards of coffee shops scattered around the Dutch capital city that offer the highest grade in some of the most unusual ways, this out of the box restaurant offers an 8 course meal for a party of 25, for around $80 a head.

Potheads…errm..we meant, restaurant goers can taste-test their way through an eight-course psychedelic dinner, as chefs and co-owners Noah Tucker and Tony Joseph cook up varieties of hash, bud and truffles, much to their guests delight.

There, you can expect plum and bacon flavored hash, salmon with Syrian rue, wild bass with lemon and pineapple kush and BBQ-style truffles, amongst many more treats. For more on the menu, you can go to Fraîche’s website.







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