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Finish off Your Look with Buttons by i.am+
/ 10 November 2016

Live your fastpaced life without ever missing a beat with this new earphone by i.am+, a tech company founded by will.i.am.

They intertwined fashion and tech into this device called EPs Bluetooth Wireless Earphone (a.k.a Buttons) and it looks as good as it sounds. The earpieces that look like clip-on earring has circular forms, constructed with spun metal and woven fabric. These “Buttons” are in the shape of vinyl records and with the freedom of wireless wear, you can do your everyday routine comfortably as the magnetic discs will clasp around your neck when it is not in use.


It boasts superior sound and deep bass to truly deliver the music from your Apple device. Not only that, “Buttons” has a built-in mic for taking phone calls or talking to Siri.

“It took me a while to find garments that make me feel like me, and we all have this same feeling when we have to go out and buy devices that don’t look like anything that we’re wearing,”, said will.i.am. “Why does the accessory only favor the phone and not my outfit? There has to be some middle ground between the two worlds.”


It has a rechargeable battery and it is said to last up to eight hours before it dies. The i.am+ EPs are available at Apple.com for $229.95 in two color options: black and gold.


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