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Finding Vivian Maier
/ 1 July 2013

There’s this thing about old photographs that just can’t be described into words, how beautiful it is and how they can express emotions of the people present in the photograph. Imagine finding a whole box, filled with roughly 100,000 unknown negatives of some of the most beautiful photographs in the world at a thrift auction. Questions on who might the owner of the photographs be will definitely come into mind.


After some research by the founder, John Maloof discovered that is was all owned and taken by Vivian Maier. She was an amateur photographer from New York who used to take photographs on the streets of New York on her days off from her job as a nanny. Maloof had succeeded in finding information about Maier through the families that had been taken care of by her. It was said that Vivian Maier was an introvert and did not tell anyone about her works. It is as if the box was meant to be found by John Maloof when Vivian is already not present at her fame.


Other than color and street photographs, Maier also has an amazing collection of self portraits. She really redefines the term ‘taking self picture before it was cool’. See below for some of her beautiful works.












Too view more of her beautiful photographs visit website or buy book

Annisa Indrasari

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