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FIFA 16 To Feature Women’s National Teams
, , / 18 June 2015

We here at SUB love video games. Especially sports themed video games like football, basketball, racing games and even fishing games. Out of all game developers out there, EA Games is the one that seem to really cling to our gaming tastebuds because of all of its game franchises throughout the years. Whether it’s the FIFA football series, NBA Basketball series or the Need For Speed franchise, EA Games always delivers the best in the sporting games genre.

One of our favorite EA releases has got to be FIFA Football and EA has just announced a big one in regards to its FIFA franchise. The FIFA 16 will feature women’s national teams. Yes you read that right. Women’s National Teams.

So get this straight, not only will FIFA 16 features better graphics than its predecessor (PS 4 duh…) but it will also offer a totally new atmosphere to players. So as an addition to you experiencing playing as your country’s women’s football team, it will also help FIFA in battling the sexism issue it’s been having the past couple of years. Not to mention that the game will also appeal to a whole new spectrum of female gamers.

We can’t wait to have our greasy gaming hands on a copy of FIFA 16 and test it out. We will post reviews when we do. In the mean time, keep on gaming.



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