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Festival Teluk Jailolo 2013 Trip Deals
, / 28 February 2013

In order of promoting ‘visit West Halmahera’, the West Halmahera Department of Tourism have organized Festival Teluk Jailolo 2013, that will be held on the 16-18th May with the theme The Treasure of Golden Spice Islands. Like the years before, this year’s Festival Teluk Jailolo looks like its going to be filled with domestic and international tourists alike – not surprising since Jailolo owns some of the most beautiful diving site available, clear torquoise water, also a variety of underwater organisms. Look forward to the fun events such as the fun dive, sea ritual Sigofi Ngolo, fishing contest, swimming contest, rowing contest, walk through the spice garden, and many more.



Festival Teluk Jailolo 2013 All-in Package
IDR 6.000.000 (4 Days / 3 Nights)

Thursday, 16 May 2013 (L/D) JKT-Ternate-Jailolo
• From Jakarta to Ternate using Sriwijaya / Express Air
• Arrive in Sultan Babullah Ternate Airport and get picked up by a car and head to the port (Pelabuhan Jailolo)
• Continue by speed boat to Jailolo
• Arrive in Jailolo to see the opening of Festival Teluk Jailolo 2013 which is the sea ritual (Ritual Laut, Sigofi Ngolo)
• Watch the rowing contest
• Check-in at the homestay
• Have lunch at a local restaurant
• Head to Buabua Island for fun diving and snorkeling
• Free time (enjoy nature and activities, underwater video*, planting/adopting shells)
• Head back to homestay and have a little break
• Night barbeque party at the Rumah Sasadu
• Watch a performance of Cakalele Dance
*Underwater video will be competed and open for public

Friday, 17 May 2013 (B/L/D) Teluk Jailolo City Tour
• Leave early morning to see sunrise at Bukit Senyum Lima Ribu (Five Thousand Smiles Hill)
• Enjoy local cuisine
• Head back to Festival Teluk Jailolo area to see exhibitions and races
• Head back to Gamtala Village to enjoy the beauty of “tourism village” and see the making of local handicrafts
• Go on Spice Trip and see nature’s wealth
• Do a Historical Trip and head to the Mangroove
• Head to Bobanehena Beach
• Sightsee at Dermaga Galau
• Have dinner and rest

Saturday, 18 May 2013 (B/L/D) Visit Festival Teluk Jailolo 2013
• Breakfast at the homestay/local restaurant
• Head to the Festival Teluk Jailolo area to see the cow wagon parade
• Head to the arts and crafts center and Jailolo’s natural products
• See the closing of Festival Teluk Jailolo 2013 Sasadu on the Sea
• Watch the performance of NOAH concert (TBC)

Sunday, 19 May 2013 (B) Jailolo – Ternate – Jakarta
• Breakfast at the homestay/local restaurant
• Head to the port (Pelabuhan Jailolo) to cross Ternate
• Head to Sultan Babullah Ternate airport and leave for Jakarta

Festival Teluk Jailolo 2013 Land Arrangement Package
IDR 2.500.000 ( 4 Days / 3 Nights)

• Local transportation (car & boat)
• Accommodation (homestay)
• Food and snacks (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
• Buabua Islands diving packages
• City tour packages
• Watch the performance of Sasadu on the Sea
• Watch a NOAH concert (TBC)
• Participating in a cultural ceremony

Notes: B : Breakfast; L : Lunch; D : Dinner
*Price is available all through March 2013

Hotline: +62 21 99566566
Irul: +62 82123523242 / +62 85695950278

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