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Exi(s)t #4: The Food Files
, / 17 November 2015

As living beings, what we’ve found as a crucial element that we need to consume to stay alive next to oxygen, is food. The food files has been taking its toll from when we were primal to a point when innovations overshadow the natural ingredients in making (cooked) food. Throughout history we’ve learnt, evolution takes note on every element, from ideas, process and practice which has affected food since you’re 10 or younger. Remember how complex your palate became since there are more snacks that taste like they came from another world? The evolution seep deep enough in making one horrible state for us: dependency towards food and all the circling needs to ensure who we are based on both given subjectives and objectives.

With popularity in the world that keeps pushing its limit, along with political histories and sense of identities are said to be made of food-related activities, the subject matter of food are open to be discussed. Having a sexy theme – The Food Files – selected for Dia.Lo.Gue. Artspace ‘s annual program, Exi(s)t #4, Mitha Budhyarto and Evelyn Huang as curators have pointed out several speculations raised and delivered from nine artists into “Manifesto about Food” that’ll be continuously revised and updated.

These artists have gone all out for what it’s worth of open up the undisguised possibilities in food. Upon arrival at the artspace you’ll be greeted by Wangsit Firmantika‘s piece, an ensemble of video and installation covered in pastel colors displayed and showcases an imaginary world where puberty is celebrated and food is available to complement it as its shapes similar to human parts that are sensual and erotic. Banana came up first into your mind after you read the lines? Good, there are more than banana and chocolate sauce in this video.

Cempaka Surakusumah made chaos in order which is found to be awesomely constructed using the idea of cooking therapy. She said through cooking, all our physical senses are at work and it makes us aware of ourselves for forcing us to be present in the now and mold the negative scattered thoughts into something inspiring. Using silicone rubber and polymer clay, each dangling piece took shapes of vegetables and fruits from corn, tomato, tofu to tempeh.

Several forms of thoughts were deliberately married with well-known techniques, like Januar Rianto who came up with a graphic design and interactive installation, while Faisal Rahman Ursalim sees government actions upon street food vendors issues and made a form of mockery yet he tried to empower street food sellers through his top-grade fake NGO he made, called “Amigos Berkah”. The storytelling is appealing and ironic, how food have become the forbidden fruit, from something desired into a tool to reap profitable value.

Ruth Marbun with her collage galore translates desire and greed caused by industrialized food chain. How the idea of consuming is too much to a regret for wasting the physical and quality of the food. Fransisca Retno, Ayu Larasati, Ayu Dila Martina and Grace Joetama also stated strong artworks which caused emotions : loneliness and emptiness that also happens to us when we interact with food. Just like now as I’m sitting alone in crowd, i ate plates of food paired with upgraded drinks from ice tea to beer for hours just to merely exist in a small space.

The whole exhibition is displayed all over strategic spots at Dia.Lo.Gue. Artspace and blended with the ambience to give another look of food and/or ingredients are part of everyday life that actually gives a huge impact every second of our lives.

Exhibition period: November 13th – December 13th, 2015

Open everyday, 10 am – 6 pm


Dia.Lo.Gue. Artspace

Jl. Kemang Selatan 99A

Jakarta 12730










Word and photos by FA

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