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EXI(S)T #3
, / 29 December 2014

EXI(S)T is an exhibition project that has become an annual program by Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace. This activity is more likely a residency for people who have interests towards art, and they don’t have to be art school grads or established artists to be involved in this program. You can actually apply and pray to be the selected ones so you can embrace your hidden potentials. Hey, you might be the next Pollock or Kahlo. You never know. This year, EXI(S)T reached its 3rd edition and filled up the program with many, so called interesting, “artists” and they are Aditya Pratama Putra, Nastasha Abigail, Monica Hapsari, Ryan Salim, Rio Surya Prasetia, Ivan Christanto dan Edita Atmaja.

Curated by Mitha Budhyarto who is not new in the contemporary art world, this exhibition wants to give a redefinition in space that we have been using for all our lives. Speaking of space. What is space? It could be “a continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied” or “the dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move.” But we’d say, space is an area that can be bend by one or more complementary tools and anything that happens in the space is also potentially changeable. We’re talking about the inconstant aspect in the universe. But, the handpicked artists for this exhibition didn’t just go through their creative process without any help or a frame that they need to work with. Fortunately, they had some help from several workshops by renowned artists and curators, such as Ardi Gunawan, Sigrid Nielsen, Yaya Sung, Sally Texania, and Leonhard Bartolomeus. With such characteristics from the mentors, we might see some little details connected to them and can tell that the artists was inspired by them.

Say, Ivan Christianto with his exploration of mirrors. Using the idea of periscope, he manipulated perspectives and actually when we came into the gallery we thought his artworks are “products”. But, note this, he is actually a product artist. So it’s a bit tricky because the media that he uses is very catchy, so catchy that you can imagine it as a property in your bedroom. If that’s cool for you. Other than any artwork that you can tell, it is an “artwork” and eventually it gets a spotlight once you see it. Brilliant.

Monica Hapsari, girl, we’re sold! If we can buy her room, we’d buy it. She gives us a spiritual moment from her piece. Something that we can get if we have an exodus. Seriously. Her installation uses textile and UV light with a composition of a Dead Can Dance kinda song. You know what we’re talking about, eh? So come on in, sit and let your eyes be fixated to the spinning threads of druggy and shivering moments. We love it when moments are created when you see something, not the other way around. Overwhelmed? Yeah, it could happen if you come to the gallery first in the morning when no one’s around but you and the staff. The room is yours!

Ryan Salim came up with the idea of light. Of course in space we need light to know where the limit is. Even in outer space. We are still curious whether he uses sensors on the floor, because the neon boxes need people’s participants to be switched on. Overall, if you love surprises, you’d love the binary text within the neon boxes. Nastasha Abigail combines photographs with video to talk about shared social space; Rio Surya Prasetia discusses the clash of cultural differences in his personal living room; while Aditya Pratama Putra departing from the question of how humans share space with a variety of species in the context of urban development in which we need to take notes and redeem our egotistical side.

Moreover there’s this certain moral issue that we can get about the constantly changing space: us human being can play with it, act like God, just to see what we wanna see. So the answer of “who we are” can be adjusted with “where we are,” because we’re the puppeteers.













Exhibition period:

December 17th 2014 – January 7th 2015

Daily, 10am – 6pm

Dia.Lo.Gue. Artspace

Jl. Kemang Selatan 99A

Jakarta 12730

T: 021 719 9671

W: www.dialogue-artspace.com


Words & photos by Febrina Anindita

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