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Eternity : The Movie
/ 17 October 2014

It was Los Angeles 1985. Todd Lucas finds himself in LA after moving from the Midwest. And it is here, where he befriends BJ Fairchild, a brash and cocky saxophonist from the Valley. Hilarity and drama ensues as the two start their journey towards stardom and finally find their true identity as the R&B duo Eternity.eternity_the_movie_xlg

Cheesy but strangely lovable tunes, bad fashion and of course DeLorean gullwing doors are peppered tastefully (…or not) across the whole movie making this movie a fun cinema experience for a Saturday night.eternity_the_movie_still eternity-the-movie-trailer-01

Ian Thorpe (no…not the swimmer) who is known for his work on a plethora of indie festival films in recent years, picked a cast line up that seemed like is tailor made to fit this film. Playing the roles of the two main characters are Barrett Crake as Todd Lucas and Myko Olivier as BJ Fairchild. And on supporting roles, we have Nikki Leonti, Jon Gries, Martin Kove, and Tamzin Brown among others, and also, you can’t miss the appearance of B-Movie God, Eric Roberts.

Already released in several theaters across the US and Canada, this film is due shortly to hit our shores, although, most likely in a DVD format.

You can visit the official website by clicking the link here.

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