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Dirty Feet
/ 27 June 2014

Digitalism in media and entertainment are engaged forever. YouTube and Vimeo to be specific are filling us with enormous audiovisual pampers. It is now a path for anything, even the activity itself where people open its page; they are experiencing what’s-so-called “spatial and social dimensions”. A phenomenal phase is happening and maybe soon it’ll be maddening enough as OS entering everything at your home. Buttons are attached on every online media; you can share it to everyone in one click, a democratization of arts. Easy access is good, but you won’t notice that this concept will lose your genuineness. Indirect communication has lost the most important elements for arts which need dialogue, interaction and surprise.

dirty feet1

dirty feet5

Why video? because moving image will generate space in mind. This exhibition wants to project how people could exist together with others in any space. There are 8 artists; Akiq AW, Anang Saptoto, Edwin Roseno Kurniawan, Jim Allen Abel, Mella Jaarsma, Sara Nuytemans, Takashi Kuribayashi, and Wok The Rock who involve dialogue with their artworks. Real moments are created in a way you never had in mind before. Nuytemans used mirrors again in her artwork, a progressive, detachable and interactive. She said, “My work is largely based on the observation of how human beings interact with the world. Why are we here? What is our role as human beings?” she made a small observatories underline the principals of quantum physics: one’s convictions prescribe one’s vision about reality. She made a labyrinth as the observatory with viewer’s participation as the video image. Viewer must take picture before entering and experiencing the coolest labyrinth full of parts of your face.


dirty feet3

Wok The Rock’s work consists of cards with QR Code, so if you have smart phone, please install QR Code scanner app to see what’s in the card. He asked several Indonesians who lived in Melbourne: What music or songs made them miss their homeland, and how did they listen to music? And the top answer is by YouTube on their smartphones. They listen to music via YouTube, they don’t watch the visual at all because they had their smartphones in their pockets. True, people sometimes listen to videos.

dirty feet2

dirty feet4

Kuribayashi is also wicked, because he put a short video in a big vase secluded by plants and mini ponds at the gallery. Viewer must take a peek and then see “someone’s face” in it. At first it just looks life your own reflection on water but then it’s getting very surprising when the video rolled. Another contemplative piece with fundamental question behind it: “can we consider something a fact when we perceive something as true?”

So, when and how do you feel a real moment, lately?

Exhibition Period:
June 9 – 17, 2014
Everyday: 9am – 5pm

Cemeti Art House
Jl. D.I. Panjaitan 41, Yogyakarta
P: 0274 371015
W: http://www.cemetiarthouse.com


Words & photos by Febrina Anindita


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