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Devendra Banhart’s Ape in Marble Pink
/ 13 September 2016


Do you ever imagine what it’s like inside Banhart’s mind sometimes? It may sound weird but his songs in Mala somehow take us to a far away place, we have no idea where that is but we want to live there. And because of his mischievous mind, Mala is arguably Banhart’s best record in nearly a decade.

Last June, he announced that his 9th studio album, Ape in Pink Marble is due out on Nonesuch Records on September 23rd along with the album’s first song, “Middle Names”. The album opener is simple, pretty, and less noisy. It rather shows the discreet side of Banhart. No playful howl, no whimsical imagery, just a calm and contemplative arrangement with some melancholy lyrics about being alone together. This song is written for Asa Ferry, the front man of Kind Hearts & Coronets who has passed away a year ago. Banhart said that he loved him very much and hoping he’ll show up at his door any day now. “My love belongs to no one. I wonder where you are”

Just around a week ago, Banhart has shared a second track off the album, called “Saturday Night”. When you listen to Saturday Night, it feels like this song is asking you to have fun in a manner that is not typical. Some says that it sounds closer to “Hotline Bling” than the way everyone could ever imagine Devendra Banhart would sound. No matter what they feel about the song, have a listen below.

Ape in Marble Pink consists of 13 tracks including the new songs above. Here is the track list:

Middle Names//Good Time Charlie//Jon Lends a Hand//Mara//Fancy Man//Fig in Leather//Theme for a Taiwanese Woman in Lime Green//Souvenirs//Mourner’s Dance//Saturday Night//Linda//Lucky//Celebration


tumblr_nwl2z7jnad1ry6a8uo1_1280Words: Mahda Maria

Photos: Chumblr

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