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Conor McGregor Retired?
/ 20 April 2016

Now we have mixed feelings here at SUB about the former UFC Featherweight champion who lost his belt at UFC 196 to the current champion, Nate Diaz. On one hand, McGregor is one hell of a fighter. His fights are always entertaining, like when he knocked Jose Aldo out in seconds at UFC 194. But, staying true to his social media handle, he is also notoriously known as a bit of a bully –at the very least–. He taunts his opponents both on and off the octagon and on his social media accounts. Now, we know he is hardly the first athlete to do so, but he just can’t shake that bad boy image.


Now, just recently, McGregor tweeted his retirement on his twitter account. Thanking UFC and his sponsors for the cash before bidding everyone farewell.


The thing is, he is scheduled for a rematch against Diaz at UFC 200 in July. Has he given up? Because the latest news on McGregor before he tweeted what seems to be his retirement is that he is in Reykjavik, Iceland, to train —not to mention the fact the McGregor has probably already signed a contract guaranteeing his appearance at UFC 200— . More news then follows from UFC  President Dana White, announcing on SportsCenter that the former champion has been yanked from UFC 200’s slot.

McGregor had been pulled from the card for refusing to fly to Las Vegas to participate in a news conference as well as to take promotional photos Said White. “Well, what’s happened is, we’ve pulled Conor McGregor from UFC 200,” White adds on SportsCenter Tuesday night.

Whether or not this real or just some odd publicity stunt, we’ll just have to wait for further news.


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