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Catalyst Art Market Vol.06
, / 7 May 2016

Who doesn’t get excited to go shopping in an art market? Oh we have our faces switching to one of Spongebob’s ridiculously enthusiastic faces seeing all the hand-crafted arts are being displayed for sale.

Last weekend (30/04 – 01/05), Graha Purna Wirna was inhabited by 48 visual artists who sell artworks and merchandises, 7 creative talents who talk for the workshop, 5 eatery owners, 8 music geeks from Sub-store and 1 acoustic couple  for a special performance. They came here all the way from Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Tokyo for Catalyst Art Market Vol. 6.

Organized by local art pioneer Kopi Keliling, Catalyst Art Market Vol.06 is meant to be a networking space between artist to artist and artists to visitors. Adapted the theme #myartmyliving, it was the right time for the artists to stay humble and mingle yet simultaneously broadcast to the world that they’re talented and their art is worth buying.








Most of the participants thought that they joined Catalyst not only to sell the artworks but it’s rather for a moment that they finally meet their friends in the same profession face to face. And for their further objective, they also want to get their artworks noticed by public.

Catalyst features music collaboration from Substore with several names of music purveyors from Jakarta, Bandung, and Tokyo. A Japanese vinyl collector, Baba Masamichi created a special playlist for Catalyst. As a founder of Kiki Records, Baba said that he had commuted from Tokyo to Jakarta for eight years to find a treasure trove of vinyls.

Not only music collaboration, Catalyst also brings some collaborations between artists such as SROU x Kara Andarini, Resatio Adi Putra x Wickana Laksmi Dewi, Gogoporen x Kiswinar, Toserba (Achebong, Brombie, Doodleganger, Hipme) and Buka Warung (Deyaho, Enomonsta, Kusuma Craft, Puji Lestari Ciptaningrum). Aside from collaborations of visual art, there were also various handcraft workshops like ceramics by Kirain Studio, tie dye by Eva Joewono, and renjana by Zodiak Gembira.





To cheer up your Sunday night, Catalyst has invited ArieReda, duo acoustic known for their melodious vocal and musicalized poetry. Till the event closed, Baba was the last vinyl collector spinning, accompanying everyone in Catalyst Art Market.


IMG_7406 DSC_3038


Words: Mahda

Photo: Samuel

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