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Blood Wizard Latest Catalog
, , / 19 December 2016

The skateboard brand Blood Wizard released its latest catalog not too long ago and its one catalog you’d want to get your hands on. Pronto!

The catalog, like everything Blood Wizard does, seems to be heavily influenced by a combination of 70’s psych rock and medieval imagery and it consists of some new deck shapes and graphics along with some soft goods so not only will you skate good, you’ll also look good while doing it.


The decks come in a plethora of traditional shapes and sizes with the exception of the 8.88″ Gauntlet shaped Wizard deck which is sure to be highly sought after. The soft goods feature Blood Wizard’s shirts, jumpers, hoodies, jackets and a selection of headwear for you to choose from.




A series of graphic griptapes are also available from this catalog. Click here for a closer look at the full collection.


Watch an old video below from Blood Wizard to get a feel of what they’re all about.


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