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Barefood releases full album Milkbox
/ 8 March 2017

The Alternative duo from Bekasi, Barefood, have always been everyone’s favorite. Since their internet-only demo back in 2010, they have gained a devoted fanbase which is only growing bigger after they released their EP album, Sullen, in 2013. Four years later, they’ve given us a surprise by releasing a single called “Milkbox”. Now, finally they released the long awaited full album called Milkbox on 6th of March 2017 via Anoa Records, but they revealed the full length album through Spotify a week before the release.

It was a powerful album,which might give you a nostalgic feeling and will remind you of the 90’s alternative pop/rock groups. Each tracks have their own characters. Like ‘Amelie’, the ballad Fanclub-ish track, and ‘Hitam’ the gazey one. Surely the album that will stay in your playlist for years! You can get the CD from Anoa Records, and don’t worry, you won’t ran out of the CD because they will keep pressing it!

Stream the single Milkbox below!

Anida Sabrina

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