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Barefood – Milkbox Showcase Recap
, / 4 April 2017

It was a bit rainy that night. People gathered at the front corner of the beer house. They were waiting for the show to start. They looked pretty excited! It was Barefood’s first ever show after they released their full length album, Milkbox. For every purchased ticket, we got a zine presented by Sobat Indie called Sobat Barefood. It is filled with lyrics from Milkbox (Even the instrumental track ‘Soda’!), Barefood-related games and Barefood’s member CV (yes, a curriculum vitae based from their linked.in account….). We’re not allowed to smoke inside the venue because there were pregnant women joining and supporting the gig. But it gave us fresh air inside!

The show started with a performance from Gascoigne. Turns out, Gascoigne just released their EP, so the setlist was based on their EP’s track list. With Alvi Ifthikhar’s Malkmus-ish voice and extraordinary guitar skill, Dimas Hafidzhan’s constant bass play and Zaka Sandra Novian’s cathchy drum beats, Gascoigne could make the crowd dance along and be captivated at the same time.

Next was the performance from an indie-rock trio from Bandung, Sorra. They had help from the artist, Mufti Priyanka, to fill the four strings position. They haven’t hit the stage for a pretty long time. Their noisy set dazzled all of us. They closed the set by a collision of noises and feedbacks featuring Mufti’s poetry reading. Impressive!

The time has finally come, Barefood went on to the stage and people were getting even more excited! They got help from Alvi Ifthikhar as the additional guitar player, Aidil Akbar to play the drums and Kaneko Pardede for keyboard.

If you have bought Milkbox, you know that there’s no lyrics at all inside the sleeve. But who doesn’t want to sing along to tunes from Milkbox? So the zine that Sobat Indie gave to us all was so useful. People were jumping around while reading the lyrics from the zine, even when they lifted each other to crowd surf!

The setlist was all the same just like the album’s track list.  The crowd went nuts when Barefood started the set with the first song ‘Milkbox’. Followed by the second song ‘Candy’ that was sung by the guitar player Ilham ‘Ditto’ Pradwitto. Next song started with Rachmad ‘Mamat’ Triyadi’s buzzy bass sound. It was ‘Grown Up’. Later was the ballad song ‘Amelie’. Mamat told the audience that the song was inspired by a friend’s love story. ‘Soda’, the instrumental song that made people dance along and they were mesmerized by the performance. The next one was ‘Hitam’ the gazey song with Indonesian lyrics. Also the one with gazey feels, ‘Sugar’ was put up next followed by ‘Scars’. Finally the set reached the end. It was the last song from Milkbox, ‘Biru’. They invited Ditto Priyawardhana to play the trumpet. The song has a soothing feels and the majestic outro gave us goosebumps.

The crowed asked for more and Barefood granted their wishes! They played a b-side unreleased song called ‘Dumb Sucker’ followed by a song from their EP album, ‘Grey Skies’. People weren’t satisfied yet, they screamed for ‘Perfect Colour’ and ‘Teenage Daydream’. To make it fair, Ditto and Mamat asked Tomo Hartono from Rekah and Abi Chalabi from Bedchamber to a Rock-Paper-Scissors duel. Tomo won the roshambo and picked ‘Perfect Colours’, and that was the closing song. People were so happy they jumped, somersaulted, bodysurfed and everything else. They snatched the microphone and sing along together. To end it perfectly, people lifted Ditto with his guitar.

After a long 4 years of waiting, people were so pleased with Barefood’s Milkbox and the showcase made a lot of people happy. For some reason, a milk box won’t remind you of a box of milk anymore but an alternative duo from Bekasi. It was a great night indeed!

Photo by: Achmad Soni Adiffa & Ignas B.C.


Anida Bajumi

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