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Agus Suwage’s Exhibition
/ 17 January 2015

A long story of someone’s life can be an interesting object to us – the strangers. We don’t need to know the context of the story or know the people but there’s a certain feeling of warmth that creeps into your skin. Curated by Grace Samboh, this latest exhibition of Agus Suwage came without a theme. How so? He refused to give a theme because “It’s like looking at the past and taking a pause before creating new works” he said. If you’re a fan of his artworks, you’ll see his old ones displayed, like ones were from his “Daur” (Cycle) exhibitions.

Agus suwage is known for giving personal works, we know how much he loves dogs and he has cute dogs and sometime he put his pets into his works. As we remember around 2012 there’s a video of him plays trumpet with his dog sitting near his feet, just listening, as if there’s a strong relationship between them. He’s back with his love for animal with his walls of bloody feast based on Idul Adha Day. A very eye-catching piece and the thing that amazes us is that it came from a simple idea. Then there’s a huge artwork made with cardboards of instant noodle which is a cheap medium but he accentuates it, again, with an everyday-story. That’s what Agus gives us everytime he shows up with new artworks. It’s relatable, possible, potential and easy to digest but all of it is molded within such a very delicate method of art that needs a high discipline. He used watercolor, tobacco juice, stencil and ink. They have special effects where we can find his true tone and, of course, became his signature.

As Grace said, maybe when we heard watercolor, instantly we associate it with raw paintings, kids can do that or it could be brittle and not as grand as oil or acrylic paintings. But it’s a huge deal. You have no room for mistakes. Once you put the wrong colors or strokes, you gotta start on a fresh piece of paper or you’ve ruined everything. Agus made 100 drawing for The 100 Drawing in between 2012 and 2014 for this exhibition, perfectly made and touchy. Don’t keep your eyes out for him, he’s the kinda person that dazzles you with stories.

Exhibition Period:

December 18th 2014 – January 12th 2015
Monday – Friday: 10am – 7pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 2pm

Nadi Gallery

Jl. Kembang Indah III Blok G-3 No. 4-5

Puri Indah, Kembangan

Jakarta, 11610
T: +62 21 5818129

E: nadigallery@gmail.com

Words by Febrina Anindita











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